Prue Public Schools


Hello my name is Christine Seek, I am extremely excited to begin my 19th year of teaching special education.  This is my 3rd year teaching at Prue.  I am elated to continue teaching from 7th through 12th grade students this year.  My students and fellow teachers were my greatest inspirations to complete a successful second year at Prue. Many special people supported me throughout the year.  Shout outs go to the following people:  
     Mr. Hemphill provided words of wisdom in teaching middle school English Language Arts and for his power house of structure and discipline that I admire.
    Prue Public School Board, Mr. Scully, Mr. Thurman, and Mr. Z rehiring me for a 3rd year.
     Mr. Thurman continually and generously solves all my daily situations.
     Mrs. Scully, constantly saves the day, takes on special education documentation, state data reporting forms, and keeping us up to date with the continual policy changes of special education.
     Mrs. Seago, Tribal Education Advocate, wrote a technology grant for Prue Middle School.
     Mr. Pickup, Visual Service Transition Specialist, donated time, attended doctor's appointments with students, and purchased specialty equipment for visually impaired students.
     Wal-Mart donated funds and classroom materials to the special education department.
     The Elks Lodge donated funds to the special education department.
     Mrs. Monforte, Ms. Baugher, and Mr. T always had kind words to say and positive encouragements.
     Mrs. Watashe always willing to lend a helping hand with any special projects.
     Mrs. Kirby jumped in with both feet over the summer to get a head start for the new school year.
     Lowe's donated paint and materials to update and make necessary changes to special education classrooms.
     Mrs. Spurgeon spends extra time and effort to make sure our student information and Edplan systems are in compliance.
    Regular education teachers taking the extra time to make modifications and accommodations for the special education students to be successful in their classrooms.
It truly takes more than one person to make a special education program. It takes a team.  No amount of words can ever express my gratitude towards the teachers and fellow supporters of special education.  I am proud to be among an elite group of teachers that are teaching for all the right reasons.
     A special "THANK YOU" to the parents of all my students for all your tremendous support.
2017-2018 Class Schedule
1st Hour (8:00-9:00) Plan
2nd Hour (9:05-10:05) 7th Grade Math
3rd Hour (10:10-10:55) 8th Grade Math/HS Math of Finance
LUNCH (10:55-11:30)
4th Hour (11:35-12:35) 8th Grade Math
5th Hour (12:40-1:40) HS English II/HS Resource
6th Hour (1:45-2:45) 7th Grade Math
7th Hour (2:50-3:50) Administrative Duties/HS Resource