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Students will be reading a weekly story from their Reading book in class.  They will be tested over the story, spelling words, and weekly vocabulary words on Thursdays.  The vocabulary words will come from the story and from their weekly objective.  Other assignments will include reading skills, grammar skills, group work, writing, and AR.  The AR program is an individualized set of points that your student must earn throughout the nine weeks by reading books at home and testing over those books at school.  My goal is for each student to read with fluency and comprehend what they are reading.


We will be focusing on Reading Objectives in class.  We will focus on one main objective each week and test over those objectives weekly.  This will be the general rule as some objectives will take more time to cover.


           I have a policy of three strikes and you are out.  The first strike is a warning.  The second strike will result in a removal from the other students.  On the third strike the student will be sent to the office.  If the student reaches the second or third strike the parent will be notified. In my class I will not tolerate disrespect in any form.  If a student is disrespectful to anyone at anytime they may be sent to the office immediately.


          Please contact me at 242-3384 ext. 1115 or with any questions or concerns that you may have.



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