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Bee Club

My name is Bryan Meyers, and I am both the English teacher and the Beekeeping Club sponsor in the high school. 


I am glad that you are interested in beekeeping.  Beekeeping is a fascinating hobby that opens up vistas of knowledge often overlooked—things like knowledge about the local flora, weather patterns, and predatory insects.  It’s fun, fascinating, rewarding (There’s nothing like honey fresh from the comb!), and even a little dangerous! But it is also a lot of work.  We have to build the necessary equipment; lift hives full of honey, pollen, and bees; and diligently watch over the health of the colony.  So keep in mind that if you want to belong to the club, you must agree to the following requirements:

  1. Pay $10.00 annual dues
  2. Commit to one year of participation.
  3. Assume all risks inherent to beekeeping.
  4. Attend all monthly meetings.
  5. To have rides arranged for when the meetings end.
  6. To diligently carry out all assigned responsibilities (e.g. feeding the bees in early spring and late fall).

Currently, our club has one thriving hive.  In other words, our hive thrives (Thanks be to God!)!  We hope to split this hive in the early Spring of 2019, thus bringing our apiary to two hives.  We will harvest the hive in early Fall, and sell our surplus honey to help fund our future club endeavors. 


If you have any questions, please contact me at  Thanks for checking the club out!